Getting Control of My Health

This may be a repeat for you if you are my friend on Facebook, but if you aren’t then it will be new to you.  This year has been super hard for me health-wise.  I started the year finally being tested for Celiac Disease after 5+ years of horrible symptoms.  I had to change doctors to get a stinkin’ referral to a Gastroenterologist!  How crazy is that? Anywho, during my endoscopy and colonoscopy they did find extensive damage due to Celiac.  As a bonus they also found precancer in my colon and a volvulus (that’s a kink or twist for us regular people).  These could not be fixed during the colonoscopy so I had to have surgery to remove 1 ft and 5 inches of my small and large intestines.  I swear to all that is holy that is a pain unlike any other.  It was really weird and burned and ached.  I was so thankful when I started feeling better.  I still have issues with my gut though because of the surgery so I lost out on the symptoms benefits of not eating gluten, except the damage to my villi part.  I have to be on a fully gluten free diet for life now because there is no cure for Celiac Disease.  They are working on a vaccine for it though, which is pretty cool.  I think they are in the 2nd phase now.  That could be a blessing.

My new family doctor also took the bull by the horns with all of my other health issues and got referrals for cardiology, pulmonary, rheumatology, hematology/oncology, and yes, psychiatry.  I have come through everything very well now except my rheumatology appointment isn’t until April. I aced my stress test ( well, i thought i was gonna die y’all because this big girl with asthma can’t do inclines) , echocardiogram, my sleep study showed my sleep apnea is still mild but my O2 drops when I am asleep and my restless legs and periodic limb movement disorder is through the roof (which I knew) but I have meds for that.  My new psychiatrist said that because I have Bipolar 1 Depression that is why my antidepressants aren’t fully working so she added a helper to that and she is treating my adhd and binge eating disorder too! ( I have had eating disorders for years.  Somewhere along the way I lost the purge to my binge and that ain’t good lol. I think I also lost the H in my adhd)  Hopefully these changes can help, in addition to therapy of course, to control my issues.  We shall see.  I do know it is difficult adjusting to the new meds.

The biggest thing I have been worried about is cancer. I have had some really wacky blood work and there was no reasons for the things it was showing.  I did cat scans, many many blood tests, and finally had to have a bone marrow biopsy. That really hurt but I felt better in a week or so.  I had to wait 3 weeks for results though and that drove me crazy!! I had my appointment last week though and she said I do NOT have cancer!  She does want my labs every 3 months because if my white count gets to 25,000 I need to go back to her.  It is running between 17,000 and 22,000 constantly. She said it can be due to untreated autoimmune conditions.  Celiac is autoimmune but I also have what I have been told is mixed connective tissue disorder.  I think that isn’t correct but I won’t know until I can finally see the rheumatologist and go through whatever she wants me to.  I don’t care though because I have no cancer lol.  I am so blessed and happy about that.  It has been super stressful and I am seriously hoping next year is completely different.  I don’t even know how many appointments I had this year but I am over it.

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