Let Me Introduce Myself and My Blog

Hi! I’m Shana.  I am the owner of  That’s a Southful!  A southful is like a mouthful, but Southern. A mouthful is the amount of food or drink that fills your mouth or that you put into your mouth at one time.  The other meaning of mouthful is a long word or sentence, or something said that has a lot of meaning.  Everything I say or do is the way it is because I am Southern.  I was born and raised in Georgia and being Southern is a way of life.  We love talkin’ and we love cookin’ and eatin’, so either way we will give you a mouthful.  Southful is my fun play on words just because what I do always has a Southern twist to it.  Plus, it’s just a fun word to say!

I wanted to take some time to introduce myself and my little family to y’all and explain a bit about what my hopes are for this blog.  First and foremost I am a child of God, next I am a wife, then comes mom, and homeschool teacher.  Every one of these titles are so important to me.  My husband, Chris, and I met in 1994.  I was a newly turned 17 year old and he was a 21 year old.  Just babies!! He asked me to marry him on Christmas Eve of 1997 but we didn’t get married until July of 2000. We took things very slowly apparently lol.  I always wanted to be a mom for as long as I can remember.  The problem was that I have PCOS.  We struggled for many years through 6 doctors and many medications before our miracle boy was born in 2007.

Blaze is the absolute sugar in my tea.  He is the perfect son for us.  He had a normal first couple of years but then there were changes.  He started becoming sick all of the time.  He was either sick with strep, pneumonia, or on the first or second round of antibiotics for those for almost 3 years.  During this time he completely regressed.  He lost all speech and stopped making eye contact.  He couldn’t understand us and we couldn’t understand him.  We couldn’t seem to get a diagnosis though.  My plans to homeschool seemed doomed.  He entered public school at 5 years old in kindergarten and I finally got some help having him tested.  Blaze was going to receive services under pervasive developmental delay,expressive and recetive speech and language deficits and delay, and autism.  Throughout that first year he came so far.  He learned to talk, he learned the sounds of the letters using a type of sign language, he learned to read, and he blew our minds.  He went to public school through 2nd grade but that whole year he was bullied mercilessly by one particular boy and his two cohorts.  It seems strange to say that about 7 year olds but the world is a crazy place these days. We have been homeschooling since then and we love it every year.  I will post about our homeschool journey many times.

This blog will be about my life.  That will include many things.  I have significant health issues and some of those require specific needs.  I have Celiac Disease.  I was diagnosed in May 2018 and was also diagnosed with precancer in my colon at the same time.  I had to have part of my large and small intestines removed and I am learning to live a new, gluten free life.  It is very difficult to be completely honest.  Here, in the South, we like food.  I know, it isn’t obvious at all.  (I had to watch for lightning when I typed that haha) Part of this blog will be dedicated to discovering and trying new foods and my experiences trying to adapt my Southern favorites to being celiac friendly.  That is gonna be a task I tell ya.

I also suffer from Bipolar 1 Depression and mixed Anxiety/Panic Disorder, eating disorders, and ADHD.  I got a handful I know.  At times I will post about these and living with these and also about Autism.  There are many things to learn about all of these and removing the stigma from mental health issues is very important to me.  It isn’t ok that people have to be ashamed that their brain is sick.  I am learning to deal with my issues after many years of being told, just have more faith or if you love God enough you will be happy.  I am healing inside through journaling, reading, counseling, and yes, medications.  I am not ashamed of this.  I deserve to be healthy, happy, and whole too.

The other big joy in my life is crocheting!  I love to make things from a strand of yarn.  It is amazing to me how with some string and a metal hook that I can create clothes or a blanket or a litany of other things.  I will definitely be posting about this craft.  I also bullet journal which is a tremendous tool for me.  It is artistic and cathartic.  Plus, it’s pretty.

After reading all of that I do hope y’all choose to stick around and see what happens.  I love to hear from new people and to have discussions about things that are a big part of my life and if I can help or reach one person who needs it, then my job is done.  I can not wait to get to know y’all.  God bless you.


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  1. Barbara Nigh says:

    I absolutely love this blog Shana and I love 💕 you, too! Love you always, Mama

    1. Thank you Mama! I love you so much!

  2. Brenda Burk says:

    I have watched you on this journey and you are doing a great job with all you are having to deal with. You and your precious family are always in my prayers

    1. Thank you so much Mama Sue! We love you guys!

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